SedaoLive update digital screens anywhere in the world

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Update digital screens anywhere in the world

Improve communications, increase sales, enhance or build brand awareness

Create and deliver exciting Digital Signage channels in minutes

Update your messages and switch channels using any connected internet device

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Digital Signage the modern way to communicate

Replaces your message pinboard with a digital screen

Eliminates the need to print flyers, posters etc.

Dynamic information updates in real time

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Cloud channels turn big screens into big sales & information channels

Select from dozens of existing channels or create your own

All channels are YOUR OWN.

Your own branding

Your own channels

Under your control

Channels contain movies, photo slide shows, news feeds, powerpoint presentations, animated text, graphics, flash animations, Sedao MMZones and much more.

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Cloud screens show cloud channels

1 screen or 1 million screens

Easily control which channel is showing on which screens

Group screens for different messages and campaigns

At a glance status of your entire digital signage estate

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Cloud devices

Use any microsoft windows device to create a cloud screen

Create SedaoLive Cloud Screens using

Software on your own PC

Sedao SWEP Players


SL- 7 & 10 inch Tablets

Update your screens from any internet connected device Windows, Apple, Unix, Android

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MMZones are Multi Media Zones for digital signage

Use for low cost & free full screen digital signage

Simple way to combine movies, photos and graphics into a single slide show

Individually schedule every piece of media

Ideal for cloud delivered advertising and poster campaigns

Play unlimited MMZones in ImageFlyer on screen simultaneously

The potential is endless

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Really Simple Syndication feeds

RSS feeds - the Internet standard in publishing breaking news for over 20 years

Create your own free RSS feeds

Play in them in your digital signage or on your website

Every news item individually scheduled

SedaoLive RSS feeds used in

SedaoLive Cloud Channels

Sedao’s ImageFlyer software


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Affordable and very easy electronic brochures

Turn pdf’s and images into attractive page turning brochures

Embed into your website or simply email the link

"I couldn’t believe how quickly I could set up three great looking page turning brochures using my jpeg artwork"

Sam from Ain't Too Shabby

Flexible Digital Signage

Fully customisable cloud signage channels using any kind of media; graphics, movies, web pages, news feeds, photos, flash, rolling text, PowerPoint, clocks, live TV.

Unique and amazing dynamic design

Easy Start Templates

Start your digital signage experience with desginer gallery channels - personalise them with your own logo, photos and colour scheme

Fully Scalable

Add and control a single screen or a million. Sedaolive is fully scalable for the size of your network


Low cost annual subscription, no matter how many screens you have.

Costs less to run a 100 screen network than SaaS systems charge for a single screen.

Cloud Channels

Many users such as Schools, Universities, Corporate offices, Factories, Hospitals and Doctors Surgeries need ‘multi-zone’ digital signage. This is where one screen contains many different communications areas made up from Images, Movies, News feeds, Web pages, text messages and more.

These are called Cloud Channels

Creating cloud channels is simple using SedaoLive ImageFlyer

You can create Cloud channels by using SedaoLives pre loaded extensive library of templates, created for you during the ‘personalise’ process when you first register. These templates all include your own logo, photos and colour scheme.

If you prefer, you can create a completely bespoke Cloud Channel using any number of message zones and designed using our unique dynamic design feature within ImageFlyer Cloud Master.

Editing the content of a Cloud Channel is also incredibly simple.

When you have your finished creating your cloud channels you send them to ‘Cloud Screens’

Cloud screens are digital screens connected to either purpose built SedaoLive digital signage players or your own PCs installed with “ImageFlyer Cloud Edition”.

Setting up your Cloud Screen is as easy as...

Option 1
Connecting up your screen to your SedaoLive player and adding it to your account.

Option 2
Installing ImageFlyer Cloud Edition to your own PC and adding it to your account.

With your cloud channels ready and your cloud players connected you simply select your player(s), or groups of players and tell them to switch channel.

It’s that simple

Multi-Media Zones

Retail networks, Menu boards, Advertising networks and Digital Posters require a full-screen digital signage zone playing a sequence of posters and movies each of which is scheduled to play-out at different times of day, or in advance for advertising campaigns.

These systems are called Multi-Media Zones


Schools, Clubs, Charities and individual can all benefit from having their weekly or monthly magazines published in an electronic format.

Any business, big or small, can benefit from having their catalogues, brochures and sales collateral presented as attractive electronic, page turning brochures.

Ebrochures let you upload images or pdfs which are converted into the pages of your very own Ebrochure. A great addition to your website or emails and also a great thing to add into interactive ‘Kiosks’ playing out Cloud Channels.

Our company

Sedao is one of the world’s leading digital signage manufacturers. Since 2004 our signage systems have been used in schools, colleges, large corporations, retails and in fact every B2B sector. Coupling powerful features with simplicity of operation has always been Sedao’s unique proposition. It allows our customers to achieve dynamic, engaging public information and sales screens. adds the benefits of Cloud content delivery to the Sedao portfolio allowing anyone to create and manage a digital signage network from a single screen to a million. Easy, scalable and fun. Try it for free.

Building digital signage systems that work for you.

Sedao – Digital Signage for Busy People.

Our expertise

Sedao have sold tens of thousands of systems into every business sector and many different countries. Sedao signage systems have run up many hundreds of millions of running hours making Sedao a leading global forces in flexible, reliable digital signage systems.

The core of any signage system is software. Flexible software, able to simultaneously play-out unlimited zones of any type of media. Using Sedao’s unique dynamic design layout system is second to none. Our Artwork tools let you create your own customised Channels by simply adding your logo, photos and colour. Our content publishing system then lets you deliver and manage an unlimited number of signage screens. Everything you need from your digital signage supplier


With over a decade in building digital signage hardware players Sedao know exactly how to build ultra-reliable 24/7 players.

Sedao SWEP players, combined with SedaoLive, provide the ultimate in internet delivered signage network functionality.

Limited Budget, or new to digital signage? To complement the revolutionary low pricing of SedaoLive, Sedao also provide low cost, SedaoLive client Windows players. Ideal for smaller networks, intelligent picture frames and more.